Here are the different steps of my round-the-world trip :

PARIS => SAINT-PETERSBURG by plane, the 12nd of june 2007
SAINT-PETERSBURG => MOSCOW by train, the 15th of june
MOSCOW => IRKUTSK by transsiberian train, the 19th of june
IRKUTSK => ULAAN BAATAR by transsiberian train, the 26th of june
ULAAN BAATAR => BEIJING by transsiberian train, the 22nd of july
BEIJING => KATHMANDU by plane, the 28th of august
KATHMANDU => DELHI by the road, the 15th of september
DELHI => BANGKOK by plane, the 16th of october
BANGKOK => AUCKLAND by plane, the 30th of october
AUCKLAND => BUENOS AIRES by plane, the 1st of december
BUENOS AIRES => MARSEILLE by plane, the 21st of december

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